Saturday, July 18, 2009

Meramec Caverns Barn: Cayuga, IL

Cayuga, IL is one of those places that can be describe as forgettable. There isn't much to this tiny town in Livingston County. All that dot the countryside are fields, barns and more farmland. But look closely and you can discover a hidden treasure of Route 66's golden days; a newly restored Meramec Caverns barn.

Meramec Caverns owner Lester Dill found a new way to advertise his attraction in Stanton, Missouri. He offered to paint various barns across the country with the name of his establishment. Many farmers accepted his offer and the the famous Meramec Caverns advertising was born. Today, Cayuga and Hamel are the only two Illinois towns along Route 66 with Meramec barns. This barn in Cayuga was restored by the Route 66 Association of Illinois Preservation Committee in 1998. Illinois Department of Transportation has even made a turnout near the site where passerbys can safely exited and view the barn.

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